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How to Make Money on Jumia Jforce Consultancy Program

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Here in this post, you are going to learn how to become a seller on the Jumia Jforce consultancy program and earn cool money. Read through this step-by-step guide and be on your way to earning some income through Jumia jforce consultancy program.

how to make money on jumia jforce

Jumia, the Nigerian e-commerce giant, has for some time now run a consultancy program where participants earn unlimited amounts of commission based on sales they make on behalf of the company. J-Force, as the program is called, empowers and enriches entrepreneurs-to-be with the full support of an established brand.

Independent sales consultants register and are offered attractive commissions, flexible hours of work, and regular training without the constraint of committing to full employment with Jumia Nigeria. So, they basically run their businesses and stand the chance of earning an unlimited amount of commission in the end.

For those who are hearing about this wonderful program for the first time, you might be wondering how jumia jforce works. Well, this article is geared towards guiding you on how you too can become a J-Force consultant. Here, you will find out all you need to know about the process of registration.

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How Does Jumia Jforce Consultancy Program Work?

With this program, you basically earn money ordering and selling stuff from Jumia to customers. Not only earning through customer sales, but you also earn commission even if you are the one ordering the goods for yourself. The good thing is that you don’t even need a capital to start. All you have to do is to register on the jforce portal here.

What is in it for Me?

Aside from being your own boss and making mouth-watering commissions on the number of goods you order on behalf of customers, you also get trained by Jumia. As an independent contractor, Jumia trains you in order for you to better manage your sales team.

Secondly, you also get to attend Jumia conferences, training, workshops, seminars, luncheons, awards and much more just by becoming a consultant of the Jumia brand. Isn’t that incredible?

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How Else Do I Make Money on the Jumia Jforce Consultancy Program?

You also make money when you introduce new sales consultants to the Jumia brand and guide them through the registration process. Jumia rewards you with a commission for bringing in new members to the team.

Do I Have To Report To Jumia Office Daily As A Worker?

Nope, you don’t. And that’s the beauty of the program, isn’t it? You get to sit even in the comfort of your home or office and make your sells anywhere, anytime. You get to work at your own time and pace. In fact, be your own boss.

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How Do I Get My CommissionJumia Jforce Consultancy Program?

During the registration process, you get to input your account details from whence your commission for sales will be paid into. You keep tabs of your commission through the jumia jforce app and commission come in the first 7 days of the next month for orders placed for last month.

After Registration, What Next?

Once you are registered on the J-Force portal here, the next steps are:

  • Find your clients to order goods for
  • Go to the Jumia website and place an order for the good(s).
  • Receive and proceed to deliver the product to the client
  • Earn a commission for each of the products delivered.

The process is as simple as that. Now, what are you waiting for? If you wish to register for this awesome program and become your own boss, then proceed to the registration here and fill out the form and begin your journey to financial freedom.

You can get further information about the Jumia Jforce Consultancy Program by visiting the FAQ page here. Thanks


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