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Steps To Start a Honey Business in Nigeria and Tips to Succeed

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Here in this post, we are going to discuss in detail steps to start a honey business in Nigeria and tips to succeed. We hope you find this piece rich in information.

Do you covet starting a honey business in Nigeria but fear that you would not succeed?. If yes, then fear no more. In this article, I shall lecture you on the steps that are to be taken if you wish to start a honey business in Nigeria and succeed.

Honey Business in Nigeria

Starting honey selling business is a very easy, fun and non-time-consuming way of making money. It doesn’t require a large amount of money to start and also gives a lot of profit. This is because honey has a lot of social and economic benefits.

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So without further ado, the steps to creating a successful honey business in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. Make A Business Plan

Like it is said, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. The success of your business depends on the creation of your business plan. You will need to well-written honey business plan in order to guide you in this business.

A business plan shows the general business model on paper, helping you think through all the aspects of the business before you start investing your time and capital into it. A business plan will also guide you as your business grows, helping you recognize the strength and weakness of your business.

A good business plan includes a detailed description of products, marketing and promotional ideas and goals, financial summary, market analysis, competitive analysis and management and operations.

It is best to create your business plans by yourself, as it will enable you to go through all the facets of your proposed business to ensure you’re up for and prepare to do the work required for success.

  1. Get Licensed

Before you trying purchasing bees, make sure you have contacted agencies at all levels to ensure you have the correct licenses and permits before starting your hive. Bees are dangerous, thus, rearing them without authorization can get you arrested. Getting licensed is a way of taking your business to a higher level, because, you would be able to do your business without being queried. It makes your business legal.

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  1. Learn Beekeeping

It is best you learn as much as possible on beekeeping and the production of honey, so as to prevent you from getting hurt while harvesting your bee. Acquiring knowledge on beekeeping also reduces the amount of money to be invested in the business, as it will prevent you from hiring beekeepers.

The equipment you will need for beekeeping are:

  • Protective Gear
  • The Smoker
  • The Hive Tool
  • The Bee Brush
  • Extracting Equipment
  • Bees

Remember to get any used equipment inspected by an expert before buying it.

Place your hives on a flat surface and make sure to keep them in an area where they will not be distributed by both people animals.

Next, get your bees. Since you are a beginner, get them from a local beekeeper. A 3-pound package would be sufficient for you to start with. The bees you will need are queen bees, drone bees, and worker bees.

  1. Packaging

Forget that saying that looks are not everything, in marketing looks are everything. Packaging is a marketing strategy to beautify a product in order to attract people. Most consumers judge a product by its packaging before buying it. So creating a compelling package will make consumers intrigued. If you package your product well, you can even sell to companies that buy honey in Nigeria. There are a lot of companies in need of honey in Nigeria, and you only need to do your market research to find them around you.

And do not use cheap items for packaging. Packaging is not supposed to be an obstacle to people buying the products.

  1. Expand Your Business Gradually

Expand your business by marketing your products through every opportunity you get. In school, in the church, on the bus Etc. People wouldn’t be able to buy your products unless they know about it. As you grow and expand, you can even start a honey export business. The opportunities are limitless.

You could even sell other hive products as a part of your business. Like producing candle from beeswax. Just know that marketing is the key. In other words, make your products stand out from the crowd.

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