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15 Ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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As a student in Nigeria, you do not need to lack money if you know your way around. Ask yourself: what can I do to earn money as a student in Nigeria? There are scores of ideas to make money even as a student.  You have to explore creative ways to make money while still in school. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail at least 15 ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. You will learn how to make money online for free. We hope you find some of these proven ways helpful and implement them.

Ways to Make Money as a Student

  1. Start A Blog

One of the easiest and most assured ways of making money as a student in Nigeria is to start a blog. These days, you can easily create a blog using WordPress or any other platform and write on any interesting topic under the sun. You could choose any of the blog niches to write about: fashion, travel, food, games, news, nature, photography, beauty tips, social awareness, education, technology, how-to, celebrities, comedy, and so on. The list of niches to delve into is inexhaustible and one could make a lot of money if you take active steps to monetize your blog. Some of the ways to monetise your blog are as follows:

  1. Content Writing

This is another way students can make money in Nigeria. There are literally thousands of websites on the internet in need of writers and content producers for their websites. If you are good at writing professionally, you could use your creative skills to write for blogs and websites, and make a lot of money while at it.

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  1. Freelancing

This encompasses a whole lot of skills that you can deploy and put to use. They range from freelance writing (mentioned above), coding, web design/setup, graphic design, SEO/marketing work, and social media management. If you are interested in any of these freelancing areas, there are a number of freelance job boards and websites you can check online and register with. They include:

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  1. Teaching

Since you probably spend endless hours each day in the classroom, you probably have a lot to teach others. Why don’t you then consider imparting some of that knowledge to others? Teaching (or tutoring) is one of the areas you can consider as a student who wishes to make a little amount of income. You can start by teaching primary school children after school hours, organise jamb preparatory classes, or even take WAEC students on evening classes. Whichever you decide to go for, tutoring can actually pay your bills if you put your mind to it.

  1. Editing And Proofreading

If you are good with your grammar, then you could consider taking up editing and proofreading jobs from publishing houses scattered all around your university campus (or even those online). Publishers are always in constant demand of editors and proof-readers who can help go through their clients work, often for good fees. So, if you are good in English grammar as earlier pointed out, then you need to consider this line of gig too.

  1. Transcription

For those with great language skills, a job as a transcriber can come in handy. Often, you are asked to transcribe text from one language to another or from speech to text. If you are good at what you do, you could be earning a considerable amount of income that would take care of your bills even as a student. one of the most popular online sites for this is TranscribeMe.

  1. Take Paid Online Surveys

In recent years, with deeper internet access penetration and the proliferation of companies’ online presence in Nigeria, online surveys have become a veritable tool in determining and gauging consumer satisfaction by companies. You can sign up to companies and take part in their online surveys where you get paid for voicing your opinion on their products. This is one of the ways you can make money as a student.

  1. Testing Websites

This is another way of making money even as a student in Nigeria. As a website tester, you are mandated to visit websites and conduct simple tests like check how fast (or slow) the sites are, as well as other tests. Depending on your experience, demography and interests, you can earn handsomely from being a website tester.

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  1. Online Registration

This is arguably one of the most lucrative means students in Nigeria now engage to make money while on campus. All you need is a computer, printer and internet connection, and you are good to go. Get a shed somewhere on campus and assist students to do a myriad of online registrations ranging from course registration, NYSC registration, fees payment registration, online job applications and so much more. You could make a lot of money each day if you are sociable enough and are good in attracting a lot of customers.

  1. Write And Publish A Book

Students are naturally creative and all that creativity can be channeled into writing a book for publication. If you do not have money to publish it in paperback, you can create an eBook and sell it online or on your blog if you own one. The potentials are limitless.

  1. Earn Commission Through Affiliate Marketing

You could also earn a considerable amount of money as a student in Nigeria through sales of products at online stores. This usually works better if you have a large online following, where you simply post links to the product on your page, and once a potential clicks through the link to make an actual purchase, you get a commission of around 8-10% of the product.

  1. Copywriting

In this age, being able to pen down the perfect marketing sales pitch could be the difference between whether the product sales or not. Thus, companies are constantly on the lookout for good and creative copywriters who are able to project their products and services in the best possible light. Learn how to be a good copywriter and the sky would be your limit in terms of how much you could make.

  1. Drop Shipping

This is another business opportunity students in Nigeria can tap into and make lots of money while still in school. Basically, it involves serving as a middleman between manufacturers and buyers. What this means is that you order for products from manufacturers in bulk at company price, sell it on your own price to buyers and keep the profit.

You do not necessarily need to warehouse the products as they can be with the manufacturer until when you have buyers. Once the buyers are available, you can then order for the goods to be shipped to them directly from the manufacturer. All these without you leaving the comfort of your reading table or hostel room.

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  1. Events Planning

Students make connections and network with fellow students a great deal. This can be turned into an advantage if you are the sociable type. If you are good in event planning, you can use your creative and organisational skills to good by planning events and parties for others for a fee, of course. Often, people that want to throw parties or have events do not have the skills or time to engage in the dirty work of planning. You can take the work off them and help them organise their parties and get paid for it.

  1. Virtual Assistant

You could help yourself and earn some income as a student if you apply to companies online as a virtual assistant. Your job description will include reading and responding to emails as well as fixing schedules. In some cases, it also involves taking up customer service support roles. This will involve you have a working laptop/desktop and an internet connection.

So there you are. We have taken steps to list and discuss at least 15 ways you can make money even as a student. We hope you grab these opportunities and do not allow your being a student equate you being broke. Good luck!

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